Titibate, 17/03/2019

Worried about not always having your WordPress updated? As of today, Titibate does it for you. We have added this feature to your Control Panel in order to allow you to have your WordPress (including its themes and plugins) updated to the latest version.

To activate it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access your Titibate Control Panel
  2. Go to the Settings section (in the left side menu)
  3. Choose the “WordPress” option
  4. You will see that you have the following options
    1. Update WordPress: Keep your WordPress updated
    2. Update Topics: Keep your themes (free and paid) updated
    3. Update Plugins: Keep your plugins (free and paid) updated

The version check will be done daily and you will receive an email informing you of the updates we have applied for you.

You can also easily see the number of pending updates to your WordPress from your Control Panel (dashboard or list of services) and manage them individually from the details of each WordPress.


Note: In some cases, the appearance of your website may be altered by an update. In that case you will have to make manual adjustments to your WordPress.